How’s this for the ultimate world tour?

Start off in France and the splendour of the Palace of Versailles, before jostling with the 20 million other visitors attracted to the canals of Venice each year. Head down to Greece and spend some time at the Acropolis on the hillside above Athens.

Then head east and stare in wonder at the Taj Mahal (don’t forget to have your own version of that photograph involving a lonely princess taken before you leave) before taking a stroll along the Great Wall of China.

Join the privileged 100,000 who get to sample the unspoilt wildlife of the Galapagos Islands each year.

Then finish off your grand tour in fine style with a visit to the Big Pit Mining Museum.

The Big what?

It remains a little-known fact in the UK that in the year 2000 the Welsh town of Blaenavon joined the above tourist hot-spots, as well as the Statue of Liberty, in becoming a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Located at the head of one of the most famous valleys in South Wales, Blaenavon offers a glimpse of life during one of the most important periods in our history – the Industrial Revolution.

A new £3m heritage centre has now been officially opened to improve the visitor experience and the future is looking bright for a town starved of investment for decades.

It might take a while for Blaenavon to hit the heady tourist heights of Unesco’s other heritage sites. But it is finally starting to get some long overdue recognition.

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  1. givemestrength says:

    blaenavon has no future until the natives change their nasty attitude towards others, who are not interbred! blaeanvon is not top of the world mattie, you dont have to survive here, the natives are the natiest folk i have ever have the misfotune to encounter, apart from at least four i can count on on hand. their bratts are the sporn of satan, this place has no place in history what so ever. new blood is what is needed up here, not the old black crap, smug is what they is, get me out of here is what i scream every day.

  2. Paul Groves says:

    Could be worse.
    You could live in Brynmawr.

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