The fact we needed a high-profile review to tell the Government that the video games rating system needs an overhaul to make it easier for parents to understand and they also need greater guidance to help them supervise their children’s time online sums up the state we’ve got ourselves in.

It should have been patently clear that there is a yawning generational gap on all things technological.

Still, at least Dr Tanya Byron has managed to state the bleeding obvious following her no doubt exhaustive study.

I remain twitchy, however, that Dr Byron has been transformed into the moral guardian of our children.

What next? She could head up an inquiry into how TV is exposing our children to a dubious form of entertainment where they become the “stars” by behaving as badly as they possibly can.

The Byron Review of children and technology will at least serve as something of a wake-up call to both parents and politicians.

It follows the release earlier this week of the IPPR report into how this generation of children is being “raised online” even though their parents remain largely clueless about technology.

The online and gaming industries are now under pressure to take greater responsibility when it comes to policing content, mainly because so many parents are unable or unwilling to take that responsibility themselves.

Dr Byron has recommended codes of practice for the industry, which should be independently monitored, as well as the creation of a website for parents where they can find our more information about online safety. She also wants a comprehensive public information and awareness campaign on child internet safety, clear and consistent guidance for industry on how games should be advertised and high profile efforts to increase parents understanding of age ratings and improved parental controls.

In many ways this is the art of stating the bleedin’ obvious.

But the fact is, it needs to be as so many remain so ignorant of technology and trends that are having a massive impact on society as a whole.


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  1. Swineshead says:

    I just can’t wait to get my hands on Manhunter 2

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