I hate myself for getting suckered in by a TV advert.

I can’t help it. The VW Polo ad featuring the singing dog is a classic.

It is the choice of song that helps make the advert work. But who is it?

The original Spencer Davies Group video is better than any advert.


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  1. derekbelm says:


    I am surprised that the motoring guardians of the AA have not banned dogs singing in cars as a matter of course. They could easily distract motorists and other road users.

    Plus, I hates all music. It irritates me greatly – both my skin and sensibilities.
    I would rank music as hateful as devil’s gymnastics (or dancing, as the popular people refer to it).

    Good day!

    Derek (Mr) Belm.

  2. M Cox says:

    I believe the singer is Charlie Winston

    I’m on his mailing list and recently received an e-mail about the following:

    My Life as a Dog (on tv):
    Perhaps that’s what I should have called my song. I recently sang on the new VW POLO advert on TV. They have lip synced me with a dog…… I now can’t pass a lamp post without a strange urge. I now want to leave my mark on the world. Let’s hope I’m not barking up the wrong tree.

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