Some interesting thoughts from a regional journalist regarding the use of third party websites to increase the reach and popularity of multimedia content.

Christian Dunn, digital editor of The Evening Leader, has urged colleagues on other titles to embrace local websites rather than view them as competitors.

He highlights his own newspaper’s success in tapping into the potential provided by Flickr, which currently hosts 1,518 news, sport and features images from the Evening Leader, enabling photographers to upload and publish their pictures more quickly.

There are other opportunities out there for regional newspapers in particular.

It is not enough to create or relaunch a more user-friendly website with a few added extras, that should be the start of a much more involved and long-term process.

Newspapers continue to play catch up and making use of the resources, expertise and popularity of other websites makes sense and is more likely to help them win over sceptical readers and internet users.

It may well be a brave new world for newspapers, but others have been making themselves at home for quite some time.


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