In an age where we gather our news and information from all kinds of sources in all kinds of places, it is interesting to hear about the progress of one very local newspaper.

The circulation area for Local Edition might not excite most newspaper editors, but it appears to be doing a good job of serving communities starved of attention.

Covering north of Stoke-on-Trent, Local Edition has secured sponsorship from private backers based in the area and funding from the likes of Renew North Staffordshire and Lottery grants.

Local Edition’s editor Clare White is a one-woman operation, although the fortnightly tabloid is backed by a 20-strong team of freelancers. It is interesting to read her comments regarding her more establlished print rivals.

She says she does not regard Local Edition as a rival to weekly and daily papers in the north Staffordshire area, although she has seen her stories followed up elsewhere. This links back to last week’s story on newspapers and third party websites.

It was not so long ago that newspapers would have viewed the creation of something like Local Edition with suspicion and might have waged a campaign to squash the life out of it even before it got into its stride – I’ve woprked on a couple of newspapers that launched just such a campaign when a rival set up.

But these days the benefits of working together – particularly in terms of the titles’ web presence – are starting to outweigh the concerns caused by competition.


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