There is a certain sense of satisfaction to be gained from the efforts of Dot Reid.

Mrs Reid has applied for planning permission to demolish the mansion belonging to Tesco’s chief executive, Sir Terry Leahy, in order to create a community garden.

She has lodged a formal planning application with Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council in retaliation to the plans to demolish her home and 71 others in Kirby to provide a new stadium for Everton FC and yet another new Tesco supermarket.

The local authority is duty-bound to follow normal planning procedures, so Mrs Reid’s application will go before the council in due course.

I wish her well. She is doomed to failure, obviously, but deserves as much support and attention as she can muster.

Tesco has dismissed her efforts as a “publicity stint”. No, really?

Well, it has worked so far and hopefully the media will pick up the story and give Tesco some of the unwanted coverage it studiously tries to avoid.

The Tesco success story might excite City analysts and pundits, but Mrs Reid’s planning application helps to show the high price we all pay for its record profits.


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