A little sooner than expected – not least because my 40th is still a month away – but I have an update on progress of my “(Not Quite) 40 Things To Do Before I Die” list.

I’ve already been tackling No.1 on the list – getting back on my bicycle.

The cobwebs have been well and truly blown away – both from my bike and myself – over the last week or so and I’ve loved every missed gear change and uphill slog.

But that was quite an easy one to tackle on my list.

The bigger and – for me – more exciting news is that my wife has already splashed out on a fantastic birthday present for me.

I’m enrolled on a one-day canoeing course on the River Wye in Monmouth in mid-June, which promises to teach me the basics and provide a lot of fun too.

It will also serve as a starting point for No.24 on the list – canoe the River Usk. Although I’m not sure I’ll be ready to do the whole of the Usk after completing just one course, it will certainly point me in the right direction.

What a great present.

What an even better way to call my bluff!


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  1. Ursula says:

    Well, good on Rachel. A lovely idea. What better present than to give an experience. And there I was thinking you’d navigated the Usk before and were fondly considering visiting old haunting grounds – talk about being led up the river bank!

    Don’t worry, Paul, as long as you can swim and won’t get caught in a current you’ll be fine. However, water is patient and can wait so don’t do the River Usk till you feel ready. I firmly believe in not taking unnecessary risks. One of the reasons I can’t see the point in volunteering to join the army.

    Taking life into my hands by crossing a very busy road in a minute,


  2. […] started the day at 6.30am with a half-hour bike ride, by 7.15am I’d got stuck into a feature I’ve just been commissioned to […]

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