Birmingham could be hit by regular floods thanks to a devestating combination of factors, according to environmental experts.

A naturally high water table, climate change and the demise of traditional heavy industries are all conspiring to threaten large areas of the city.

The likes of Aston, the Jewellery Quarter and places close to Birmingham’s extensive canal network are most in danger of flooding. Climate change is being cited as a cause, whilst the decline of large manufacturers and other heavy industries taking large quantity of water supplies as part of their day-to-day operations means Birmingham’s already high water table is rising.

Last year there were several incidents of serious flooding, but now the warning is that more widespread incidents could be just around the corner.

It is a timely story for The Birmingham Post given some of the posts and traffic currently on their Business Blogs.

An interesting discussion is taking place across several posts about our own track record on environmental issues, whether we’re justified in lecturing countries like China about their lack of green policies and even questioning if we actually care enough to save our planet.

There is also a post on the link-up between Birmingham’s LDV and Coventry-based Modec to create an electric variant of the best-selling Maxus light van.

Lots of interesting discussion, valid points raised, doubts and concerns expressed and far more information and constructive debate than we’ve got from our politicians for years.

But also further evidence that we are all trying to get lots more information, we want a lot more unbiased debate and certainly many more answers to the numerous environmental questions facing us and our planet.

Who cares? Well, many oif us obviously do if the Post’s blogs are anything to go by.

But what about our political leaders and decision-makers?


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  1. Ursula says:

    I know it can’t be any comfort to the good citizens of Birmingham but imagine living in Venice. How unsettling is that?

    As to environmental issues and the right of criticizing countries like China I would recommend, since we are all guilty one way or another, that all countries criticize the hell out of each other. Why not make cleaning up a counry’s act into a competitive sport?

    I sometimes smile in despair at my own efforts trying to “help” the environment. In moments of gloom I ponder on how ridiculous of me to think that anything this ONE household does makes any difference to the state of the planet whatsoever. Luckily, hope springs eternal …

    The drastic, not to say dramatic, alternative to leaving a carbon or any other imprint on the planet is, of course, to just lie down and die. Even then: What to do with the body? Burning is obviously out of the question with all those mercury fillings and pacemakers flying out of the chimney; yet going underground, old style fodder for worms, now takes up too much room in many cities.

    And before you ask, Paul, I have booked my woodland burial place already! A very nice tree will grow – absorbing any CO2 coming my way.


  2. Paul Groves says:

    Ursula: A couple of things I said on the Post’s various blog posts regarding all things green sum up my feelings:

    1). From little acorns – Rachel and I also try and do our bit in various ways and we’re not looking for brownie points, just wondering what would happen if everyone did a little bit.
    2). Self-interest – the biggest problem we face is the attitude represented by: “Save the planet? Yeah, OK. But what is in it for me?”

    I sometimes think I over-simplify things.

  3. Ursula says:

    Fastening onto your last sentence, Paul, remember the first law of good journalism, and any writing: KISS . There is no “over”.

    I am trying, very hard, not to be drawn by the, so very well pointed out by you, “what is in it for me”; attitude; otherwise we’d be still here in two days’ time. Whilst, on the whole being pretty cool, calm and collected I sometimes have notions, nay desire, to take anyone, by way of example, who is letting their dog foul a pavement in the dark of the night or throwing any amount of empty wrappers out of their cars with abandon, to the court of self righteous indignity. Pass me that piece of driftwood with my teeth marks on it before I warm to the theme. To be continued …


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