There is nothing quite as scarily funny as a rabid Ood.

The red-eyed Ood was quite amusing enough for me, but seeing a rabid one frothing from the mouth tentacles and generally looking intensely violent was all rather disturbingly hilarious.

You can keep your Daleks and your Cyberman. I’ll take a frothing, rabid Ood any day – although not literally, obviously.

We were back in space and way, way, way into the future in episode three of Dr Who, in other words on pretty fertile ground.

And yet it still didn’t work for me.

I think I have pinpointed the weak link in this new series. I’m afraid it is Donna.

It isn’t just that every time Catherine Tate appears I’m waiting for a comedy sketch to start, or when she opens her mouth I’m hearing her various characters – from “You’ll never guess what…”, through the foul-mouthed grannie to the bovvered teenager herself.

But the writing and the direction appears to be focusing too much on utilising Catherine Tate’s comedic talent, rather than sticking to the tried and trusted formula that has worked so well since Christopher Eccleston brought back the reincarnated Doctor.

The freeing of the Ood was satisfying enough, but I was still left wondering what might have been.

The end of show trailer for next week did lighten my mood. The return of Martha might turn out to be all-too brief, but she will be very welcome indeed.

I hope Martha sticks around longer than one episode. She could provide the perfect counter-balance to Donna.

Come on guys, get it together.


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