Here’s some sobering reading for a wet Sunday, or any day of the week for that matter.

Littered around the media today are various reports, studies, articles and comments on the state we currently find ourselves in.

In no particular order of importance or scale of depression:

1). Tensions over immigration are plunging us into a race “cold war”.

2). Greed, selfishness and family breakdown characterise the new set of social evils we are facing.

3). The racial map of the UK is being redrawn as almost everyone heads to the countryside.

4). One million pupils have failed to get even the lowest GCSE grades under a Labour government.

Throw in any number of other stories and none of them, for a wide variety of reasons, paint a very happy picture of modern British life.

There’s the warning of a significant rise in violence towards children, whilst on a cheerier note the X-Factor genre appears to be going from strength to strength.

These are all issues I’ve touched upon in recent weeks and months, along with others.

From our failure to have a proper debate on immigration, to the fact that we continue to fail an entire generation and remain willing to embrace the scourge of reality TV.

Welcome to Great Britain – look at the state we’re in.



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  1. Ursula says:

    Paul, being a bit short on time at the moment I have to bury – ostrich fashion – my poor buzzing head, at least for the minute, in that sand which blocks out everything, and allows you to cook dinner. You sure served a full plate!

    I most certainly am in a state – though maybe not the one you were referring to.


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