I could have gone for any number of stand-out lines.

“It isn’t racism, Stace, its xenophobia,” is another that springs to mind.

Then there’s the more predictable, “Oh! What’s occuring?”

It isn’t a coincidence that all lines were uttered by Nessa and that they all come from the now Bafta award-winning Gavin & Stacey.

I’m no big fan of awards, but the fact that BBC3’s finest picked up two gongs is welcome and well-deserved.

The tale of two families – the Shipmans and the Wests, believe it or not – united by a whirlwind romance and marriage hits all the right chords.

The fact it also portrays the rich source of humour from two much-maligned and misunderstood parts of the UK – Essex and Wales – and shows how capable they are of poking fun at themselves, is a bonus.

If you’ve missed it, check out the Beeb’s iPlayer.

From Uncle Brin’s magnificent rendition of James Blunt, through to the line dancing routine at Gwen’s surprise birthday bash, to Nessa’s uncomprimising attitude to just about everything, the Welsh Wests will be familiar to anyone who has spent any prolonged time over the Second Severn Crossing.

The Shipmans, as represented by a typical Essex boys night out, Pam’s over-enthusiasm for her “little prince” (son, Gavin) and non-stop lifestyle, as well as everything about Smithy will also have heads nodding in recognition.

A simple formula, brilliant writing, tight direction and one of the best new comedies to hit our screens in a long time. 



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