I have done my bit for The Guardian’s week of work-life balance articles and blogs.

Have a look at what juggling self-employment and caring means for me, for Rachel and for us, on the Guardian’s site.

Feel free to leave a comment over there if you want.


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  1. Puglet says:

    Amazing article. As a single person who has suffered from various debilitating (sometimes transient, sometimes not) medical problems for half her life, the emotional struggles I have with family, potential partners and friends when it comes to how my disabilities may impact and define THEIR lives, as well as mine, is forefront. I am often consumed with my side of the deal..it does well for those who are “carers”, as well as those who are “cared” for, to be able to see the positives from your perspective. Often I think both parties enter into some sort of shame or guilt in their needs and what others reactions might be. Your piece is a very valueable one to read..no matter what side of the overgrown garden you stand on.

  2. Paul Groves says:

    Puglet: Many thanks. It is amazing what we are all capable of, if we try…and it is amazing what three gardeners and a lot of big chopping machines can do to an overgrown garden in a single day 😉

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