I am trying really hard. Honestly, I am.

But it is getting harder each week to slip into the sea of escapism that Dr Who had previously provided with accomplished ease.

I’ve already stated I think the problem with the new series is Donna, the Time Lord’s latest assistant.

It isn’t just Catherine Tate’s portrayal of Donna I’m struggling with, but the script and direction seems to be veering off down the sketch show route.

Now we get the return of a familiar set of baddies from previous Dr Who incarnations – namely the Sontarans.

But even these updated aliens seem to owe a lot to the Catherine Tate Show.

 A Sontaran.

Derek: “How very dare you!”

Maybe, maybe not?

It was good to see Dr Martha Jones return and the chemistry between her and the Time Lord was evident.

But it also served to highlight the stumbling start to the new series.

I’ll keep trying. Dr Who has earned some loyalty given the paucity of Saturday evening entertainment we usually get served up.

But loyalty can only stretch so far.


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  1. Ursula says:

    Interesting idea, Paul: How far, indeed, can loyalty stretch? If loyalty was a rubber band it would, eventually, wear thin and come apart.; usually at an importune moment.

    However, some materials, and people according to temperament, are tenacious and will stay the course.


  2. […] But my sympathy for the BBC’s stance is hugely diminished by the dismal start to the new series of Dr Who. Lifted only by the reappearance of Martha Jones and most recently by the prospect of the Doctor’s feisty and foxy “daughter” joining the fray, the decision to cast Catherine Tate as the regular assistant this series has backfired. […]

  3. […] comedic talents available, they tried too hard to play everything for laughs and it ended up being quite silly at times. Also, with major behind-the-scenes changes bubbling (Russell T’s departure and […]

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