Middle England has been rebranded as midBritain by the newspaper that does most to serve this particular readership.

The Daily Mail has come up with the new name to combat what it refers to as the “offensive” and “outdated” stereotypes associated with those who enthusiastically lap up what appears in the newspaper every day.

The results of the group’s research, published today, claim that rather than being “old fashioned, narrow-minded and conservative”, such people are “interested in others’ opinions”, are “influential, engaged and vocal”, and worry about the economy and the environment.

So Daily Mail-reading midBritainers invariably have a high level of disposable income and are the “ultimate consumers with the power to make or break almost any brand”.

To make life easier for those who don’t inhabit the midBritain state of mind, the newspaper group has also developed the Knowledge Vault where it can highlight what midBritainers think about particular issues.

Having defined midBritainers as “aspirational with a sense of purpose” and recruited a representative sample of 5,000 of them, the group plans to take on polling firms such as YouGov by regularly canvassing their opinion.

Now that is a meeting of minds worth looking forward to, isn’t it?

Politicians of all persuasions now have a handy website to visit to shape their unrealistic and unrepresentative policies.

Having had a good look around the midBritain site and the Daily Mail’s pages this morning, I think I’m happier living outside midBritain.


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  1. Ursula says:

    Paul, what is it with Britain’s obsession to always label everything? In which context I’d’ recommend to anyone to try and be reincarnated as a “foreigner” – thus looking from the outside in; and, added value, giving you a whole new perspective of the country of your birth – at a safe distance.

    Since I don’t have a “high disposable income”, thus not being able to “dispose” of it on the landfill of consumerism , not that I would, I probably best ignore the Daily Mail which has always come easy to me.


  2. Paul Groves says:

    Ursula: I can’t explain the obsession, it is just the way we are.
    It can be seen in the supposed social superiority some feel – either about themselves or others.
    It is also why I was previously described as a “white, politically correct, middle class, lefty, liberal living in a leafy suburn” by someone who read one phrase I’d written and created a stereotypical image of me.
    But then that is exactly the sort of thing I’d expect from a narrow-minded, arrogant bigot like him…;-)

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