The big business way of doing coffee-shop culture has been exerting its influence on us for quite a few years now.

Black, no sugar in white polystyrene cups has given way to Triple-decker Skinless Frothycinno’s with chocolate sprinkles and a small, but perfectly formed handmade caramel slice chaser on the side as our High Streets and shopping centres have welcomed the corporate coffee chains. 

Now Europe’s first drive-through coffee shop has opened for business in the Land of My Fathers.

Shouldn’t that be “drive-thru”? If we’re going to import something American, surely we should go the whole depressing hog.

This is just serving our increasingly sedentary lifestyle and is yet another money-making scheme devised to keep us in our cars.

Cardiff will always be “home” to me and I’m always delighted to see further progress in regenerating Europe’s youngest capital city.

But the drive-through coffee shop will not be pulling me back home.

Cardiff can be justifiably proud of so many recent achievements, this isn’t one of them.


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  1. Ursula says:

    Paul, always the man of the moment.

    Drive-thru indeed. Send the lot to mainland Europe (say Vienna) to experience how to savour coffee rather than scoff it like the amphetamine it appears to have become.

    If speed is of the essence – Italians manage their small (double) espressos, on the run, with unmatched style.


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