An entertaining night with Heroes followed by lesser mortals, namely the politicians scrabbling around for votes in the local, Welsh Assembly and London mayoral elections.

I enjoyed the first series of Heroes and so far I’m relieved it hasn’t gone the way of other promising shows in stumbling after returning, albeit that series two has been somewhat slow to take off.

So I was all set for a night of shocks, surprises, thrills and spills – and that just doesn’t refer to having The Birmingham Post’s Paul Dale live in glorious sound and vision on my laptop.

Paul was being interviewed by The Stirrer (Adrian Goldberg) on Birmingham City Council’s first live election webcast. It worked nicely on the whole, the sound quality wasn’t always the best but it gave me the slice of local information the national coverage usually skips over all too briefly.

It was also quite disturbing in some respects. Having worked with Paul for so many years, to have him less than a foot away whilst I sat on my bed in my PJs with my wife drawing in her sketchbook beside me was a little surreal.

It was good to see Paul at work, but a relief that he couldn’t see the scene of domestic bliss in Chez Groves. Could he?

But they should consider a little more interaction next time around. Allowing viewers to ask direct questions would have been a neat touch, something touched on by other bloggers.

I was dividing my attention between the Brumcast and the BBC’s national coverage on TV – sound up on my laptop and subtitles on the telly.

I wanted as much information on the Welsh Assembly elections – and to a lesser extent the national picture and London mayoral poll – as I did on the Birmingham counts. I’m very impressed with those who provide subtitles on live broadcasts, the fastest fingers in the west did a fine job in keeping up with the chopping and changing nature of an election night.

There were a few unintentional moments of hilarity as those fast fingers got a bit ahead of themselves – surely that MP didn’t just say “piefaced” when a shot of the Prime Minister appeared, but what did he say?

In the context of the rest of the subtitles, I plumped for “prefaced”.

Anyway, a really bad night for Gordon’s barmy red army, a good one for Dave et al and a promising one for newbie Nick.

Above all, it was a night for heroics.

So, well done to: The Stirrer for surviving four hours of live webcasting; Birmingham City Council for trying something innovative and succeeding; the fast fingered subtitlers of the Beeb.

[Edit: I’m reliably informed by Jon Bounds that the live subtitles are not the result of fast fingers, more computer-aided. A slight disappointment, but still an heroic effort all the same.]

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