The road to Wembley and the FA Cup Final has been quite an eventful one for Cardiff City and its fans

It will be the club’s first appearance in the final since 1927 – when they actually won the FA Cup – and there is a huge amount of confidence that they will beat Portsmouth to lift the trophy again.

I’m a rugby fan, yet I’ll be tuning in to see whether a Welsh club can win the flagship English cup competition – along with a few hundred million around the world.

The path to Wembley glory has started to get a little bumpy, especially for some fans in South Wales who are waiting impatiently for the arrival of their final tickets. The Post Office has launched an investigation into the missing tickets, all destined for fans living in the Maesteg area.

I wonder how much consolation those fans can take from the official fans’ Cup Final song and the news that it is currently out-selling Madonna?

Keeping up the tradition of other Cup Final songs, Do The Ayatollah is the not the finest and most beautifully crafted tune. It probably won’t do much to enhance the rich musical heritage of my homeland either.

But it is a very Cardiff City song, which I guess is what you want the most if you’re one of the club’s fans.

For the non-footie fans, the song’s title and video will no doubt raise a few PC eyebrows and concerns.

But there is a good(ish) explanation.

Enjoy…or not:




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