I’m indebted to Le Craic for initially pointing me in the direction of Sir Alan Sugar’s attempts to tackle the UK’s flourishing yob culture.

After initially reading the link provided I laughed it off. But then I did a little more digging and got angrier with each new sentence I was reading.

I have no doubt that the self-made multi-millionaire’s plea for an end to the yob culture impacting so negatively on society is heartfelt and genuine.

But, as ever with those in the public eye, there is too much of the “do as I say, don’t do as I do” about his call for greater resources to fight the scourge of anti-social behaviour.

He informs us he is tired of seeing this yob culture splashed all over our TV screens every day.

Well, we get a large and unpalatable dose of it at 9pm every Wednesday on BBC1 at present.

The latest series of The Apprentice has been characterised by blatant bullying and a yob element that he has done little, if anything, to stamp out by firing the culprits.


Such candidates make for good TV ratings, after all, even if they don’t exactly set the business world alight with their talent.

From the vicious and abusive attacks on fellow candidates, to the over-the-top boardroom celebrations of winners, The Apprentice is hardly setting a good example.

The entrepreneur is talking of tackling younger “hoodies” (his term, obviously), but his show is highlighting how the cream of British business talent (sic) is often just as obnoxious, ignorant and anti-social as those he is pinpointing.

If Sir Alan’s odious mob of wannabe apprentices represent the future captains of British business then we’re really in trouble.

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  1. Hadn’t thought of it this way – good post

  2. Ursula says:

    Paul, as with all your posts, many different angles to answer offer themselves.

    Hoodies: Generalisations annoy me intensely. All you boys and young men out there – wearing a hoody does not make you into potential criminals, ok? Next time someone of a certain age berates you, just tell them your mother made you wear one to keep your ears warm.

    The dreaded Apprentice – thank God, it’s Wednesday. What staggers me more than anything about the current contingent is not only how badly educated they are but how few brain cells they have to rub together (and I am not talking apostrophes here). Some of the most wonderful people I know have not had the privilege of ‘higher’ education and wouldn’t dream of spouting off how wonderful and compentent they are; what they do have is common sense – a survival skill if ever there was one; unless you just need to be able to swim to save your skin.


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