I will be silent for a few days starting from just about…now.

We’re off for a long weekend so that I can turn 40 in something approaching style and hopefully enjoy some of the more important things on my “40 list”.

I’m not planning to hit middle-age with a bang or a whimper, more of an elongated sigh and maybe even a world-weary stroke of a stubbled chin (thanks, Nick).

I probably won’t be blogging live again until next Tuesday, although by the wonders of modern technology and WordPress I’ve written a piece that will be appearing on Monday morning in a “look, no hands” kind of way.

Monday’s post will cover a controversial issue, complete with a video. So feel free to stop by and have a look.

Just as a quick aside – on that increasingly familiar subject of search engine terms and where they can lead you, someone arrived at this blog today having typed in “is shorter leg attractive for male man?”. 

The answer is a resounding yes, obviously.



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  1. Ursula says:

    Paul, my dear Boy. Do not worry, have no fear.

    There is always the next big zero to look forward to – and revising that list of yours.

    I am not often stumped for an answer but shorter leg for a male man (can I try the other variety please?) has silenced me momentarily.

    Designer stubble is it, Paul?

    I shall miss your missives. Wishing you and Rachel a great weekend – and most importantly


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