Not much to add about this issue at the moment as I’m still in a bit of a post-birthday weekend fog, but a few interesting pieces have cropped up in recent days.

Firstly, The Birmingham Post’s editor has blogged about “ownership” of the title’s blogs.

Marc Reeves poses five intriguing questions regarding the role of blogs on the Post’s recently relaunched website, which tend to get to the heart of some of the recent articles I’ve been writing on the subject of journalism, newspapers and blogging.

Secondly, The Guardian is currently reviewing its own successful blogging operation – which arguably sets a high benchmark for other newspapers in so many respects.

New guidelines on the way journalists respond to comment threads are being considered as part of a look at way the paper’s writers interact with readers.

Finally, Nick Booth has some thought-provoking things to say on the subject of newspapers and blogging. The documentary maker turned social media teacher and consultant is reacting to the Post editor’s five questions.

I will no doubt return to this subject when my 40 year-old brain clears of the current fog and I find time away from the pressures of earning a living.


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  1. nujge says:

    You are not alone in having a fugged brain. The way the media is changing is a challenge to us all… every moment of clarity is precious, every hour of experimentation, implementation and reporting back doubly so.

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