It has been 24 hours so I’ve decided to stop biting my tongue.

I really wanted to read the blog on The Birmingham Post’s site about the West Midlands Police and Channel 4 Dispatches debacle written by James Treadwell, criminologist at Birmingham City University.

But I kept getting stuck at the headline.


No, really. Scandle!

It has remained up there for 24 hours now.

Should I point this out on the Post’s blogs? Or, given some of the recent suggestions regarding my previous criticism of a Post blogger – namely that if I don’t like it I should simply stop reading it – should I just ignore it?

But then it all goes back to the crux of the newspapers and blogging issue for me.

So I decided to point it out, pedant that I am.

[Edit: The headline has now been changed.]

[Edit: According to, scandle refers to someone who “tries to be ‘cool’ at myspace but expodentially fails”. I’m not sure it fits with the Post blog.]


3 responses »

  1. Ursula says:

    You decided to point it out – good for you, Paul; I’d thought you a lesser man if you hadn’t.

    Pedants unite.


  2. aj@lecraic says:

    That’s bad alright. Not as bad as a “lifestyle” magazine freebie distributed around my town recently. It was littered with bad spelling, grammar and punctuation. If I was an advertiser in it I’d have asked for my money back !

  3. johnatkin says:

    Ahhh…takes me back to halcyon days on weekly papers. My first front-page splash. The headline?


    There’s one for the cuttings book…

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