So one of the worst kept secrets in television has been confirmed and can bring an end to the speculation – well, some of it at least.

The man who seemingly could do no wrong is moving on from Dr Who after guiding its reincarnation to a Saturday tea time television favourite once again.

The fact that Russell T Davies is standing down as executive producer has not exactly come as a monumental surprise.

The man who had already triumphed with the likes of Queer As Folk and Casanova not only breathed new life into the tired old Dr Who formula, he reinvented it for a modern generation of viewers whilst managing to retain the appeal that had won over fans of the previous guise of the time and space travelling adventurer.

But I think he might have stayed on for a series too long as this latest one is proving a hit and miss affair – so far, largely a miss – and feels like it is simply trying too hard. I can level a similar criticism at the spin-off series Torchwood, which is far too knowingly “adult” in comparison to the family-friendly Dr Who.

What is good news for Who fans old and new is that Russell T will be replaced as executive producer by Steven Moffat. The award-winning writer has already scripted some corking Dr Who programmes and brought us arguably the greatest episode since its return – the imaginatively scary Blink.

It bodes well for a return to form for Dr Who once Moffat fully takes the reigns.

In the meantime, we can now start speculating on whether Russell T will be joined by others in departing the Tardis.

He was very closely associated with David Tennant, the current Time Lord, after previously casting him in the lead role of Casanova. So the rumours are that we can expect a new Doctor to enter the fray once the new executive producer takes control.

Hopefully we will also see a replacement assistant – either the full-time return of the lovely Martha Jones or another newcomer. At least we should be able to wave goodbye to Donna.

So now that Russell T is officially moving on, we can get down to the nitty-gritty.

Who will be the new Who?

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