The Bible of midBritain has upset yet another much-maligned section of society.

The Daily Mail has been sticking the boot into emo, more particularly the popular goth combo My Chemical Romance, claiming it is nothing more than a suicide cult encouraging the nation’s misunderstood youth into a deathly spiral of despair.

But the emos have decided to strike back.

Hundreds are planning a peaceful protest outside the newspaper’s offices on May 31.

The Mail’s coverage is somewhat typical of the way it handles such stories. But news of the planned protest comes in the same week as the PCC chairman Sir Christopher Meyer travelled to South Wales to hear concerns of the coverage of the recent Bridgend suicides.

Although the Mail story highlighted here makes no reference to the Bridgend cases – why would it, the South Wales communities affected hardly fit the midBritain demographic – many of the criticisms raised at the PCC meeting could be levelled at the emo feature.

Generally the way in which the media handles such sensitive issues is appalling, showing a complete lack of awareness and inevitably going for the sensational rather than the sympathetic.

The mainstream media continually talks of the need to engage with a new generation of readers, viewers and listeners, but all too often they are quick to demonise and so alienate the very people they need to attract. 


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