Yet further news from Simon Berry regarding the campaign he launched to persuade Coca-Cola to start delivering aid along their bottles of fizzy pop.

Eve Graham, who sang the original I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing which was subsequently used in Coke’s worldwide TV ads, has rewritten the lyrics to fit in with the campaign.

Simon is now looking for people to sing their own versions. Full details on Simon’s blog.

It is now too late for Eurovision 2008, but it is another way for more people to get involved.


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  2. Simon says:

    Thanks again for helping promote this idea. Here’s an update for your readers. I have now had a telephone conference meeting with Coca Cola’s Global Head of Stakeholder Relations and we are meeting face to face on 16/6.

    Can I ask facebook users to please join the facebook group and invite your friends. We could really make a difference here. Before the group I was making no progress at all!

    You can also follow progress and catch up on the full story here: A report on the telephone conference can be found there.



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