The all-seeing search engine giant Google is facing a £39m damages claim from Belgian newspapers for publishing and storing their content without paying or asking permission.

In 2007, Google lost a lawsuit filed by a number of French-language Belgian newspapers and was forced to remove their content which had been posted on Google News and stored in its search engine cache without the copyright owners’ permission.

Now Copiepresse, an organisation that represents the French and German language Belgian press, has revealed it had summoned Google to appear again in September before a Brussels court.

Google appealed last year’s decision and is still awaiting to hear whether it has been successful.


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  1. Middle Man says:

    Oh boy. I see those Belgians are at it again. I think they are concerned that the world may hear of more stories like this:

  2. Ursula says:

    Leaving aside that Belgium is as flat as a pancake and thus mind numbingly boring to drive through in order to reach other European countries – they do have a point. Whatever happened to copyright?

    The internet is not a free for all – and whilst a lot of people and writers have always stolen from each other we need to develop – and observe – some sort of internet decorum.

    As to Google, they are the bully of the cybernet playground.


  3. le craic says:

    Google aren’t quite as good as their company motto anymore. Sticking their greedy noses into too many pies!

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