I’ve often wondered what the collective noun for a bunch of toffs should be.

There are some obvious suggestions, but thanks to the upper class outcry over a car insurance advert I’m leaning heavily towards a “tantrum”.

The posh types are all a dither over the Pivilege campaign featuring well-spoken acting gent Nigel Havers.

The Advertising Standards Authority has received a dozen complaints that the ad is “stereotypical and projects an offensive view of the upper class”. Also, there are concerns it might “prejudice the general population against the upper classes”.

I’m surprised the toffs tuned into the common person’s channel of choice (ITV) to witness such a wicked portrayal. Maybe they were looking for some high-brow filth on C4 and stumbled across the ads then?

I can imagine them all spluttering into their Pimms or G&T’s and asking their butlers to fire off a strongly-worded letter of complaint. They probably got so frustrated they went out and shot a few grouse or hapless game-keepers.

Of course, it is all nonsense. Isn’t it?

Stereotypes are littered around like confetti, they always have been and probably always will be. It sometimes feels like the media especially would not be able to survive without pedalling a few stereotypes and outdated notions.

The adverts themselves are as stupid and meaningless as the complaints. 

The tantrum of toffs should do what everyone else who finds themselves unfairly stereotyped does – get over it.

So says the journalist who is extremely well-balanced because he’s got chips on both shoulders.


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