Just to clarify my position, I will not be watching any Big Brother programmes or their spin-offs.

I might happen upon some BB9 news as I trawl through the papers and various websites, but it is unlikely I’ll comment on anything that happens – unless it is a genuinely big story and I’m feeling particularly hypocritical that day.

Good luck everyone.


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  1. Ursula says:

    I am so glad, Paul.

    There I was last night and, with Felix away, in full charge of the remote control when – wouldn’t you know it – I once more met the charming Davina. I copped out immediately as much as I like her or indeed would love to have her job – she sounds so jaded now it’s a show in itself.

    No sooner had I flicked the channel an awful thought occurred to me: What if Paul is going to cover Big Brother as he does the Apprentice? Am I going to be hooked into something I really do no wish to watch ever again?

    So thanks for your reassurance.

  2. le craic says:

    +1 for non big brother watching. I would seriously rather have all my teeth out than watch it. I will be watching Last Choir Standing though which is coming up soon on the BBC. As an ex boy soprano, now tenor, a (once upon a time) member of the Irish Youth Choir and a lover of Songs of Praise (pass me the zimmer frame there), I couldn’t not watch an x factor style show with choirs – this will possibly be the best TV I ever watch.

  3. Paul Groves says:

    Ursula. Glad to oblige 😉 I can’t see the point of BB any more (after the first couple to be honest) – which can’t be good for any TV programme, let alone a reality show.

    Le Craic: I’ll look forward to your expert analysis and reviews of Last Choir Standing. My Welsh roots mean I like a good choir, even if my own singing tends to depress rather than inspire.

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