Everyone thinks it, don’t they?

We all believe we are the best driver on the roads and any problems we encounter along the way are always the result of other motorists, bikers, cyclists and pedestrians.

So here’s a quick challenge to see just how aware you are behind the wheel.

It comes courtesy of Nicola Davies, part of the WordPress Marketing Bloggers Network, and is an excellent way of making us think about road safety.

It is also an impressive use of viral techniques – I’ve already sent it to most of the drivers I know.

The challenge forms part of the Think! road safety campaign run by the Department for Transport.

Just for the record, I failed the test…quite badly.


3 responses »

  1. nicspic2608 says:

    Thanks for the post Paul. Glad you like it. Also glad you failed it : )

  2. Paul Groves says:

    Nicola: Obviously, it wasn’t actually my fault that I failed…;-)

  3. Ursula says:

    Whilst having navigated my way round Paris and Rome, and you really have to hold your nerve in either place, not being a man, with all the gender’s spatial ability, I would never ever claim to be the “best” driver in the world.

    However, I do claim, sorry Britain, that I am a damn sight better driver than a lot of you. To test this theory all you need to do is to go on a motorway. Whilst on the “continent” drivers will weave in and out of the fast lane at lightening speed, in this country they sit solidly in the lane of their choice; the impatient then feeling forced to overtake on the wrong side – one of the most dangerous manoeuvres ever – and not one I’d ever risk my or my passengers’ life on.

    I took the test; if anyone can explain to me what the colour of T-shirts walking in the same direction has to do with driving a car safely please do let me know. As to mobile phones whilst driving – I thought that was long ticked off.


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