The days of the one big trend being flogged to death by every bandwagon jumper who decides to hop aboard, whilst more promising ideas are ignored and starved of the support they need to develop, are numbered.

In fact, those days are more likely to have already died a welcome death.

That is according to Grant McCracken, author of Flock and Flow, who is interviewed on the EyeCube blog – part of the WordPress Marketing Bloggers Network.

We will always have the NBT to mull over – Plurk anyone? – but hopefully what we will start seeing more of is big brands interacting more effectively with consumers and coming up with something innovative themselves.

This might enable clever ideas that have previously fallen by the wayside – as all the focus was on the NBT – to be nurtured and realised more effectively.

Trend-spotting will still be vital, but we should see an end of the hopping from one bandwagon to the next.

Or, as McCracken puts it: Any one of these little trends could rise up to be a major player. And these days it will happen fast….Edge finding is the name of the game. Having a rough idea of what’s ‘out there’ helps us understand what it is we’re facing…”.


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