I must admit I had a moment of “Well he would say that, wouldn’t he?” when Paul Dacre, chairman of the Press Complaints Commission’s Code Committee, defended press coverage of a spate of suicides in South Wales.

The editor of The Daily Mail said although coverage of the deaths had rightly sparked much public debate but that much of the criticism was directed at foreign news organisations.

From the moment the national media caught up with the deaths of so many young people in the Bridgend county borough area, we’ve seen some appalling coverage – not just in print, but on television, online and on the radio.

We’ve also seen some knee-jerk reactions from those who really should know better, none of which have helped provide a much-needed sense of perspective to this worrying story.

So, what are we to make of the front-page story in today’s Sunday Express?

Headlined “Suicides Linked to Phone Masts”, the story (as you might expect) attempts to link the spate of suicides with radio waves from mobile phone masts.

It also labels Bridgend as Britain’s “suicide capital”.

I wonder what Mr Dacre thinks of such quality coverage?

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  1. JohnDemetriou says:

    I detest Dacre in every way possible. The man is a nasty, bigotted meglomaniac bastard in charge of a vicious propaganda machine and nasty political movement for reactionary hate.

    What does he make of the coverage? Well, if it’s salacious and unedifying, but generates sales and gives the right underlying political message, he loves it.

    I wonder how he’d feel if ‘news’ sources decided to attack him, his paper’s owner and his hacks in such ways as he sees fit for others?



  2. […] attempt by The Sunday Express to link the suicides over the last 18 months in South Wales with mobile phone masts, this week it is the ubiquitous PR survey that comes under the […]

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