Even Jeremy Clarkson is at it, apparently.

Hypermiling is the new fad sweeping the nation’s roads as drivers try and get more miles for their gallon of chosen fuel.

The Top Gear host has been extolling the virtues of hypermiling, presumably that is not whilst he’s sipping G&T’s behind the wheel.

It means drivers are slowing down, easing forward slowly from rest rather than putting their foot down hard to prove the size of their 0-60 time.

In other words, they’re sticking to the speed limits and driving more considerately.

Wonders will never cease. But I can’t help thinking this is one trend that doesn’t have too much mileage as old, bad driving habits die hard.

Once the price of fuel stabilises again, or popular opinion moves on to the next big issue, then eco-friendly motoring will start to lose its appeal.

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  1. Anna says:

    Hi – I agree that the gas prices have definitely made this more popular than it would have been. But I’m not sure if the trend will die down – or if the gas prices will, for that matter.

    There is also an increasing awareness of environmental issues. I mean – I don’t live in the states but when I go home to visit family I am always dumbfounded by the numbers of different kinds of garbage cans … “No! Don’t put that can in there! That’s for the metal-recycling bin …”

    So I wonder too, if hypermiling will fade into old-fad-dom, or if it will one day be the “self-respecting way to drive.”

  2. Paul Groves says:

    Anna: Thanks for stopping by.
    Attitudes can and do change, but the car is still very much king in this country and I think it will be a long-drawn out conversion on this particular road to Damascus.

  3. Nikkole says:

    I hope this does stick around and attitudes do in fact change. For one simple reason, if nothing else, the people who get irritated and speed around me could stand having a little peer pressure gong the other way…..Wouldn’t it be great if the “idiots” were not the ones driving too slow and accelerating at a reasonable rate, but instead the ones who waste too much gas with foolishness (i.e. speeding up to slam on the brakes at the red light).

    ……but then again I see that the SUV ads still use the wide-angle lens to make them look even bigger than life. Despite the fact that people just aren’t buying them anymore. I hope both of these trends continue and expand. It can only be good for the planet and send a strong message to the car-makers to increase their research & development as well as production of increasingly efficient models.

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