Apart from researching and writing a couple of newspaper features, my mind has been wandering to adverts over the last few days.

It started with me wondering what the latest was on the Heinz Deli-Mayo TV advert, pulled by the company after 200 people complained about two men kissing in this humorous take on family life.

Apparently, the Advertising Standards Authority says it has no plans to launch an investigation into this allegedly offensive advert which puts Heinz ill-advised decision into even sharper focus.

The calls for a boycott on the company’s products, internet petitions and Facebook group are gathering support, whilst it is claimed that a US Christian group might have been behind the initial wave of protests directed to Heinz.

All quite unsatisfactory.

As is the questionable advert for an Irish laptop retailer highlighted by Le Craic. Read the comments as it includes a defence of sorts from the owner of the company and the ad agency.

I know a significant drop in advertising revenues is hitting newspapers hard, but I’m amazed the publication waved the ad through. Having spent a fair bit of time working the graveyard newsdesk shift on a large regional title, I’ve seen at least half a dozen ads pulled late in the day on grounds of taste and decency.

I like Micah Solomon’s take on products that you would, or wouldn’t, chose to market in a public toilet.

I’m intrigued by Wal*Mart’s decision to rebrand and drop the * – making itself plain old Walmart – and smartbrandblog’s dissection of the firm’s marketing and image.

Finally, I’m wondering whether I missed a trick by ignoring Mad Men when it was run on BBC4 recently.

Certainly Sid Langley over at The Birmingham Post’s lifestyle blog was hooked and it seems a fair few people out there are waxing lyrical about this fictional look at some of the early pioneers of the advertising industry.

But, even though I missed the first series, I’m reassured by news via Francis Anderson that I could still dress like a Mad Man courtesy of designer Michael Kors.


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