I’m torn.

I have mixed views about the news that the Mars-owned Revels is to hold a Big Brother-style eviction, voted by the public, for one of the six flavours of sweets.

On the one hand I can see it is an imaginative campaign from agency AMV BBDO, making good use of popular culture and social media to capture imaginations.

It will also raise brand awareness for one of those packets of sweets that has been around for ages, but often get bought as an after-thought if they catch our eye on the shop counter or vending machine.

But, to be honest, I wouldn’t want to see any of the six flavours – chocolate, raisin, coffee, Malteser, caramel and orange – evicted from my packet of Revels.

I know most will have one flavour they dislike, but I genuinely enjoy all six. 

It might be time to start hoarding packets of Revels.


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  1. Ursula says:

    Voting out a flavour? I think it’s a marvellous idea, Paul.

    I don’t have a sweet tooth, so rarely anything containing sugar passes my lips. However, I have one weakness: Haribo’s Gummibears – also a colourful mix. Give me a bag of those and I turn into a pig; my favourite flavour being red, as they are everyone elses – more the pity.

    Which reminds me: A friend of mine used to entertain her small children – and everyone else – by closing her eyes, letting them put a Smartie on her tongue. Then we’d watch her and wait for that moment when she announced the colour. It was worrying how spot on she was every time.

    Anyway, I’ll make a mental note to stock up on a good supply of Revels before you and Rachel hit the South coast.; what’s Rachels indulgence?


  2. Paul Groves says:

    Ursula: “Rachel’s indulgence?”

    Me, obviously.

  3. helenphillips says:

    It’s only short term though. If anything, you should horde the limited edition ones, and then try and sell them on eBay in a few years time when they’re well past their BBD!

    Vote Raisin Out!

  4. le craic says:

    Out with the coffee ones please. I don’t know anyone that likes them. Part of the appeal of buying them was the fact that (most people) had one they didn’t like, so it was russian roulette. They even had an ad that played on that fact. So this might not be a good idea for them in the end.

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