You have to hand it to Sepp Blatter, president of Fifa, he has almost cornered the market in ill-judged sporting soundbites.

The foot-in-mouth diseased football big-wig has waded into the preposterous saga surrounding Cristiano Ronaldo’s “will he, won’t he, who bloody cares?” transfer from Manchester United to Real Madrid.

Blatter’s unique take on the whole grubby business is that players should be free to play where they want and he goes on to compare current transfer trends to “modern slavery”.

Surely one of the guardians of the game should be more concerned with how a player like Ronaldo can sign a lucrative, long-term extension to his existing contract with one club and then seemingly go along with those acting behind-the-scenes who try to engineer an even bigger money-spinning switch to another club?

No doubt there will be large leaving and signing on bonuses included in any deal, not to mention the weekly pay cheques running into six figures.

So how exactly are modern footballers slaves to the beastly transfer system?

Sepp Blatter is as completely removed from reality as those multi-millionaire players, managers and agents soiling the so-called beautiful game.

Those in charge of Fifa’s PR must worry every time their president opens his mouth.

Of course, the stupid soundbite syndrome is not unique to the footballing fool.

Our own Prime Minister has likened himself to Heathcliff of Wuthering Heights fame – you know, that well-known violent, embittered figure who treats most others with cruelty and contempt.


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