Some interesting Sunday reading around today.

Various things have caught my eye whilst having a trawl.

The story behind the biggest attempted bank fraud in British history sounds a bit like the plot for a thriller and the fact that the young bank clerk jailed for the crime won’t divulge his accomplices adds a twist that means the case is far from closed.

Was the clerk a “sleeper”, or targeted by an organised crime syndicate free to try and pull off another big hit?

Fuel theft is on the rise as prices at the pump continue to rise. Coming to a driveway outside your house soon?

The Sunday Mercury has become the latest TrinityMirror newspaper in the Midlands to relaunch its website and has recruited a small army of bloggers.

One of them is Birmingham’s home-grown culinary star, Glynn Purnell, a chef with a passion for the city, an interest in experimenting with our taste buds and a refreshing tendency to speak his mind.

In only his second blog post he sticks the knife into the city’s flagship Taste of Birmingham event with some fairly withering, but very readable criticism.

How long before he gets labelled the enfant terrible of Birmingham’s culinary scene – apart from me asking the question, obviously.

Is rugby union heading down the grubby route ploughed by football as money becomes increasingly important in the game and the media profile of some of the leading players starts to rise?

And an Italian man forced to retake his driving test because he was gay – or, as official records described it, suffering from “sexual identity disturbance” – has been awarded almost £80,000 in compensation from the Government.


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  1. Ursula says:

    Paul, would you mind giving a brief summary of the papers every Sunday morning – to save me the bother?

    Thankfully you brought a smile to my face. The “sexual identity disturbance” is wonderful. I wish I could tell my gay friends of this new ly found phrase. Unfortunately, they are all pretty touchy and are unlikely to see the funny side of it.

    I am all for robbing banks – who isn’t? If I knew how I’d do it later today. Admirably, and I’d make him a friend of mine on the spot, the fraudster does not name his accomplices. Loyalty, integrity cannot be prized enough. Let’s hope he won’t crack.

    As to “fuel theft”. Paul, call me lazy but how hard up does one need to be to go to the bother of syphoning off other people’s hard earned petrol? I sincerely hope that if anyone pulls that stunt on me they put my Diesel into their petrol motor – let’s see how that’ll get them.


  2. Paul Groves says:

    Ursula: I’ll do my best on the Sunday news review, but I’m not making any promises. My early morning bike ride woke me up and got my senses working overtime today, not sure that will happen every Sunday.

    And thanks for the advice on “writing for fun” – gratefully received and your point about the importance and benefit of try, try and try again is very apt – I keep telling Rachel the same thing, so it is high time I took my own advice 😉

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