Archaeology seems to have entered my field of vision over the last week.

But it has been a case of moving from the ridiculous to the sublime.

After enduring the BBC’s new prime-time drama series last Tuesday, I then stumbled upon something from the land of my fathers that put a smile on my face.

I spent some of my childhood growing up in Caerleon, the small town (it isn’t a village!) close to Newport.

It has some spectacular Roman ruins and not surprisingly my junior school took full advantage with regular trips to the main site and the museum.

There is currently another major archaeology excavation going on in Caerleon and they’ve got a dig blog.

Its nicely written, with some interesting insights into the painstaking processes the excavation team go through and explanations of some important finds.

Good stuff and I bet none of the Caerleon team have stood over the site and said: “Give up your secrets.”


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  1. Ursula says:

    I am fond of secrets.

    Paul, this has probably little to do with anything you said: Yet you have evoced the memory of a previous hairdresser of mine. She was a wizzard with her scissors, gifted; then she took to studying archeology – complete with shovel – to degree level. She is never one to be lost for words until I asked her why, in both – and very diverse – spheres of her professional life, she specialises in “dead” matter. To complete her portfolio no doubt she’ll become an undertaker next.


  2. Nick Scott Donald says:

    Ah, Caerleon… immortalized by Geoffrey of Monmouth and associations with King Arthur (who could well have been Scottish but enough of that!)

    Who amongst us didn’t journey over the Severn Bridge at some time in our youth and have a good nose around?

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