My second, more considered opinion about Bonekickers is pretty much the same as my first – this is the worst programme currently on TV – albeit with a few tweaks.

Everything that was bad about the debut episode was evident again – over-acting, slack direction, but above all some absolutely appalling writing and a laughably contrived plot.

The tweaks to my initial opinion come in the BBC’s assertion that this is a cross between Time Team, the Indiana Jones films and the Da Vinci Code.

I was willing to give them a bit of leeway first time around, but not any more.

Bonekickers is none of these, rather it draws its inspiration from elsewhere.

So the plot and dialogue is straight out of Scooby-Doo, only not nearly as sharply observed and with a set of characters that aren’t anywhere as believable as the cartoon.

The suspense and thrills are clearly a homage to Murder, She Wrote, but lacks the gritty realism and out and out edge of your seat quality of the popular Angela Lansbury vehicle.

And the convoluted trail of clues is undoubtedly inspired by 3-2-1, only the much-loved gameshow’s contrived riddles were far easier to follow than Bonekickers.

The reason Bonekickers fails so badly is that it isn’t even a pale shadow of the stuff it is inspired by.

I think the BBC has invested far too much of our money in Bonekickers to pull the series before it finishes its six-part run.

However, there is no doubt that it is responsible for wasting a great deal – from licence payers’ money to viewers loyalty – on such a woeful drama series.

My biggest concern is that Bonekickers is so bad it becomes some sort of future cult hit.

It doesn’t even deserve that particular honour.


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  1. […] Second thoughts about Bonekickers […]

  2. […] Second thoughts about Bonekickers […]

  3. […] Second thoughts about Bonekickers […]

  4. CT says:

    The BBC are extremely sensitive about this programme. They are banning and hiding negative comments about Bonekickers left right and centre. Only fans are being allowed to post on the dedicated messageboard and long time posters are viciously moderated for spurious reasons on the BBC Points of View messageboards.
    Your BBC, don’t make me laugh.

  5. JS says:

    I keep reading bad comments about Bonekickers and I really feel I must write a positive one.

    To start with, i think it is important to say that I’m a professional archaeologist, with well over fifteen years experience. I have been lucky enough to work in several countries and on a variety of different periods sites.

    First at all , YES! Bonekickers may have gathered some inspiration from Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, maybe something (not a lot though) from the Indiana Jones series, and most likely a bit from Time Team.

    But in addition to this, BoneKickers is a mystery series. It just happens that the main characters are not police, journalists or detectives (or a retired lady that write about murderers), BUT a team of archaeologists that get themselves involved in a series of historical (fiction) mysteries…

    And when you accept the reality, that is PURE entertainment, then you can enjoy it.

    At the end of the day, the series is not trying to be Indiana Jones, or Dan Brown’s code, but just something different, that plays with uncommon mysteries.

    So what if it is not unique, fresh, new, etc etc etc? It’s really funny and when they actually show some archaeology, it is actually really well done. In its own way, it is quite fresh (does anyone remember the last time that we saw a team of archaeologists on TV other than TimeTeam?).

    I really hope BBC decides to push for a second series, I know a lot of us will be really happy with it!

    Well done this time BBC!!!

  6. kenny says:

    and now, hurrah, there won’t be a second series

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