It is shameless plug time again.

The wife has created a book from the 366-day self-portrait photography project she completed in May.

It was never Rachel’s original intention, but the project chronicles her struggle to cope with her illness and all its implications over the course of the year.

I’m obviously completely and utterly biased when I say it is an amazing project and an amazing book, but to add a note of impartiality one of the Beeb’s Ouch! bloggers thinks it is worthy of a mention too.

Although the esteemed Le Craic is taking a blogging break, he’s still coming up with a few gems via Twitter. So thanks to him for pointing me in the direction of a company who can turn you into an action doll figure.

I wonder if they could do an all-action Penfold-type figure of me?

EyeCube picks up on a debate latched onto by a fellow WMBN member Matt Hames about the pressure to blog and do so both well and consistently.

Rick’s views on the issue takes the discussion developed by Matt on the Share Marketing blog a few steps further.

And BiNS, courtesy of Paul Dale on The Birmingham Post, highlights Birmingham City Council’s list of websites employees are not allowed to access during work time and those they may surf during their lunch-break.

A sensible course of action for any employer these days.

Just for the record, the likes of cannibalism, magic powers and atheistic views are big no-no’s when its comes to internet searches, but sites that might include “jokes of an adult nature” can be viewed between 12pm and 2pm.


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