I’m still in a round-up kind of mood, so here goes for today.

A businessman who was the subject of fake profiles on Facebook, created by a former schoolfriend, has won a £22,000 libel case.

Know your enemies, perhaps, but make sure you know your Facebook “friends” too.

Staying with the courts, Max Moseley has won a not exactly spanking £60,000 in damages from the News of the World over the newspaper’s claims he took part in a “Nazi orgy”.

Roy Greenslade takes aim at the paper.

Many parents have no idea what their children get up to online. But if they’re illegally downloading stuff then they soon will as the Government is backing a scheme to send them warning letters about their kids’ net habits.

The leader of Birmingham’s council is apparently keen to see the city’s population grow by 100,000, so is happy for greenbelt land to be swallowed up so that new houses can be built.

I don’t believe that the old saying “build it and they will come” should be the cornerstone of planning policy.

Staying with Birmingham and development plans, there is a growing rumble of discontent about the latest city centre live music venue in line for closure to make way for another city living folly.

This city living dream is fast turning into a nightmare because of the lack of joined up thinking that is so evident in many of these plans in so many cities and large towns around the UK.


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  1. Ursula says:

    Well, Paul, you kow what I think of Facebook. Considering that my real friends know who I am, for all I care anyone can build a profile of me that’ll topple at the first nudge. I couldn’t give a what’s-it. Though, of course, a windfall in the shape of compensation is always welcome. Also – I had no idea there was still so much monetary mileage in Nazis.

    And yes, indeed, I am one of those parents who does not peer over her son’s shoulder when he is on the computer, never have – unless explicity invited. I trust him to know what he is doing – in fact, if anything, it’ll be him who’ll have to bail his worldy unwise mother out of some hole.


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