A painter and decorator has been fined £30 for smoking in his own van after a council official deemed the vehicle was a “place of work”.

What is happening to this country?

I blame Thatcher.

State funeral, pah!


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  1. Nelson Silva says:

    I would like to invite you to move the site “Old Junqueira”, a space dedicated to the dissemination of news texts that help draw the media portrait of a small town of Vila do Conde (Portugal), with the help of newspapers already extinct. It is in http://junqueiraantiga.wordpress.com/. Thank you.

  2. seoatwork says:

    These things are happening everywhere Sir, be it any country
    You are no longer free even in your private life.
    anil kapoor

  3. Ursula says:

    Paul, I am hopping mad. That story is enough to make me want to inhale again – on all cylinders.

    However, just as we can’t go through life blaming our parents for all that doesn’t go to plan let’s give the good Margaret some credit. And hasn’t it been a while since she stepped down? Maybe someone else, including the electorate, might like to come forward to take some responsibility for what is happening to simple freedoms of the individual.


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