A quick shoot-out of stories that have caught my eye today.

Companies are struggling to keep pace with Generation Y as the 18 to 28 year-olds are leading the way in technology adoption with nine out of 10 owning a PC and 82 per cent a mobile phone.

Apparently the key distinction between Generation X (me) and Generation Y (feckless sorts) is that the Xers use technology when it supports a “lifestyle need” whereas tech is “embedded into everything Yers do” making them the first “native online population”.

Tesco is adding banking to its grocery business. The uber supermarket has made a major push into banking to cash in on “faster growing markets than food” with a £950m deal to buy Royal Bank of Scotland out of their joint venture.

I don’t like Tesco.

The gulf between the rich and poor in our major cities, including Birmingham, is a throwback to Victorian times.

I’m not surprised. I am somewhat shocked that the Tories think they can bring equality and fair play to society and reduce the wealth gap.

And what’s happened to the great British chimney?


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