To mark the release of the new X-Files movie, a survey has come up with the top ten conspiracy theories.

No real surprises in the poll of 1,000 UK adults:

  1. Area 51 exists to investigate aliens (48%)
  2. 9/11 was orchestrated by the US government (38%)
  3. Apollo landing was a hoax (35%)
  4. Diana and Dodi were murdered (32%)
  5. The Illuminati secret society and masons are trying to take over the world (25%)
  6. Scientologists rule Hollywood (17% )
  7. Barcodes are really intended to control people (7%)
  8. Microsoft sends messages via Wingdings (6%)
  9. US let Pearl Harbour happen (5%)
  10. The world is run by dinosaur-like reptiles (3%)

I like some of the other theories doing the rounds on the internet picked out by David Batty.

Along with urban myths, I tend to think we somehow need conspiracy theories to try and make sense of the world. 

I recently interviewed a researcher for a feature on why we possibly don’t want the unexplained to be explained to us.

“It could be we don’t want to find the answer to some of life mysteries,” he claimed. “Maybe we actually feel safer and more at ease with ourselves in the world if we don’t know certain things.

“Confirmation of life on other planets…would require us to totally alter our view of the world…we can be quite resistant to such a change in our perceptions and to ask us to think differently about something make us uneasy.”

So the truth is out there, but we’re far happier searching for the answers rather than finding them.

It is an interesting theory…but maybe that’s what he wants us to believe?


2 responses »

  1. le craic says:

    The world is run by dinosaur-like reptiles is very believable. Politicians do have very thick skin don’t they?

  2. Paul Groves says:

    AJ: It would also make sense if the likes of Brown and Cameron are merely the puppets of the dinosaur-like reptiles who are really in charge, as neither of them really possess anything like the qualities you want from a “world leader”.

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