Start the week with a round-up.

Le Craic asks an interesting question about your blog – is it a hedgehog or a fox?

I’ve always seen myself as a badger.

Cadbury has announced it will relaunch the Wispa bar for good after 20 million were sold in seven weeks during a trial run last year.

The decision follows online campaigns, boosted by the ubiquitous Facebook group, calling for its return.

Lad mags are in the firing line of the Tories as shadow education secretary Michael Gove draws a direct link between the irresponsible behaviour amongst young men and promotion of a negative image of women in the publications.

It is a handy, headline-friendly hook for the Tories to focus on, but I’d still prefer a lot more substance behind the soundbites. Lad mags are symbolic of a bigger issue, which no-one seems prepared to tackle.

The gap between rich and poor might be getting wider, but those raking in the money are oblivious and couldn’t give two hoots about anyone else apparently.

That is the conclusion of Polly Toynbee and David Walker in their new book, Unjust Rewards, who describe the “jaw-dropping arrogance” they encountered when they asked some high earners to justify their lives of luxury.


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