A quick round up of a few stories before proper work gets in the way.

The US government has publicly revealed a policy that has been operating for some time that enables agents to seize electronic devices – including laptops, handhelds, mobile phones and MP3 players – from travellers arriving in the country.

US Customs and Border Protection can keep the devices for an indefinite period and are also allowed to translate and share documents with other government agencies.

An online simulation game devised by PlayGen enables players to become a flood tsar.

Backed by insurer Norwich Union and the government’s minister for environment (floods), Phil Woolas, Floodsim puts you in charge of all flood policy decisions in cities such as Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool, which have been digitally reworked to show how they would look if floods hit the area.

Apparently some of us stiff upper lip types are coming over all Continental and embracing and kissing strangers without even a hint of self-consciousness. It isn’t British, but that doesn’t make it bad.

The world is littered with good intentions. But former deputy Prime Minister John Prescott’s attempt to rally everyone behind Gordon Brown was typically ill-judged as he likened the PM to the captain of the Titanic.

With friends like this… 

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  1. Ursula says:

    Well, Paul, what can I say?

    Let’s start with some hot air kissing first. I am a pretty tactile person and I kiss with the best of them – many a nose gets in the way. However, I don’t do ‘fast track kissing”. What the hell is the world coming to?

    Paul, don’t believe everything you read in that article; the French do have it down to a totally unrefined art – you will not even come close to any airbrushed cheek. It’s all fake. Also, as an aside, that Jon Henley of Guardian fame has a problem – how can anyone waste so much time on so trivial a ‘problem’? For god’s sake, Jon, kiss or don’t, but don’t waste all our time on the subject.

    Give me German ‘reserve’ (if ever there was a joke), a firm handshake, any time. And if yours is limp you are a goner – but at least we know where we stand.


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