Well, it is good to be back I guess…kind of.

A very enjoyable 10 days away (more of which later) and we arrived home last night after a long and winding journey back via Dales, Peaks and David Hockney.

It is an up and at ’em kind of day now, sorting the spam from the other nestled within my in-box, catching up on what I missed – Birmingham City Council’s Alabama cock up included – and setting stuff up now that I’m back.

So I won’t return to blogging regularly until tomorrow as I’m off down Warwickshire way for a meeting this afternoon and I’ve got some other work that’s already come in.

I missed the final episode of Bonekickers last week and don’t plan to watch it on iPlayer.

Good riddance, hopefully.

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  1. Ursula says:

    Good to have you back! I sense renewed vigour.


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