As we’re heading west for a weekend with family in GOC, another quick round-up:

Online maps might be leading us astray.

That’s according to the head of the British Geographical Society, who claims internet maps such as Google and Multimap might be good for getting us from A to B but they leave out crucial information we need to understand a landscape.

Mary Spencer is worried that important landmarks likes churches, our natural heritage such as ancient woodlands and our rich history as represented by stately homes are in danger of being forgotten because many internet maps fail to include them.

We also might be losing our way over food again, if the declining sales figures for organic food are any indication.

It has led some to ask whether the organic trend was merely a passing fad. We spent far less on organic food in recent months than at any time in the last decade, with cost cutting, confusion about the benefits and irritation at higher prices all cited as reasons for the decline.

Some farmers are reportedly quitting organic production to cut costs and others are delaying meeting the standards necessary to enter the market.

We’ve become pretty rubbish when it comes to food. Perhaps Mr Oliver had a point earlier this week?

As it will be a Welsh weekend for us, this idea caught my eye – sheepdog trials for London’s 2012 Olympics.

Apparently we’ve got the best sheepdogs in the world, so gold medals are guaranteed.

And Pete the polar bear is looking pretty darn cool.


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