A round-up of the bad, mad and loveably strange:

The rot set in when they started to believe their own hype.

Now Top Gear is heading for the great TV scrapyard after announcing a £20m “world tour” designed to boost the BBC show into a superbrand.

I can’t help thinking that as soon as you start talking about what is only, at the end of the day, a mildly diverting TV show watched by a few million die-hard viewers as a “superbrand” then you’re on a hiding to nothing.

Popular culture is littered with enough examples of those who got too big for their little boots and ended up destroying their own little niche market in the process.

Can the Top Gear trio – plus The Stig(s) – survive their own world tour? I don’t really care.

If you’re in Birmingham and go down to a popular boating lake in Bearwood Bournville today you might be in for an unpleasant surprise.

Fathers, sons and other visitors to the lake at Valley Parkway are now banned from sailing their model boats, unless they sign up as members of the Bournville Model Yacht and Powerboat Club.

The members-only decision has been justified by Birmingham City as a w ay of stopping irresponsible model powerboat racers using polluting petrol-driven models at dangerously high speeds on the lake, causing disruption and threatening wildlife.

Created in Birmingham has some news from Eccentric City.

The Lord Mayor of Happiness and the Butler of Joy have released four short videos so far, with the eccentric duo planning produce many more via their YouTube account.



3 responses »

  1. le craic says:

    I love Top Gear. It’s essential viewing for me. They have had a Top Gear Live once before and it is huge in the countries they are heading to.

  2. Paul Groves says:

    AJ: I know it is the cynical hack in me, but I can’t help thinking the TG trio have reached a point where they try and be controversail for the sake of it and to live up to their own hype and image. It is the use of the term “superbrand” that really got me riled though 🙂

  3. joe says:

    Bournville not Bearwood

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