An end of week round up to end the week with:

It is always good to keep a watch on your local MP, they work for you after all.

So it was interesting to see my local MP in the news this morning. Lavishly-haired Tory Michael Fabricant found himself at the worrying end of guns belonging to some Columbian soldiers during his South American trekking holiday.

He was accused of drug smuggling after the soldiers discovered a suspicious white(ish) powder in his belongings. Happily, the MP was allowed to stride purposefully onwards a free man once he proved the powder was not cocaine, but was in fact CoffeeMate by polishing off a couple of spoon-fulls in front of the bemused soldiers.

There was no overdosing on whitener – although the MP admits he did feel more than a little queasy afterwards.

A valuable lesson in packing wisely for foreign trips.

Down the A38 from Lichfield, Birmingham is promoting education of a different kind. It is aiming for the title – unofficial or otherwise – of the UK’s University City.

Marketing Birmingham has unveiled the £390,000 campaign – Live and Learn – to try and make the city a “magnet for youth, knowledge-led businesses and a centre for academic excellence”.

Lessons are also being offered by the developers touting plans for one of the Government’s eco-towns.

Anyone wanting to buy a house in the 6,000-home development near Long Marston, Stratford-upon-Avon, will be offered tips on how to adopt a greener lifestyle.

An induction day will highlight the town’s “sustainable ethos”, with advice about recycling, alternative power sources and the importance of using public transport or bicycles.

Why restrict such lessons to residents of so-called eco-towns?

Another testing subject is tackled by US author Tom Vanderbilt. He has set out to discover whether the UK has the toughest driving test in the world.

Of course, our standards might be high when it comes to learning how to drive and passing the test, but that doesn’t necessarily make us the best drivers in the world.

We might need to reach a reasonably high level in order to pass the test, but we’re even better at forgetting all those important and pretty basic lessons.

As soon as we’re allowed to drop the L-plates, we invariably stop indicating, following speed limits, how to park properly and showing any hint of courtesy to other road users and pedestrians.

I guess you do live and learn.


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