A round-up from Iraq to Jamaica:

“A person can be loyal to his country without being loyal to the people who run his country.”

So says one of the US soldiers on Sean Smith’s excellent Endgame in Iraq video for The Guardian.

It is a telling moment and should silence those who are so quick to claim that anyone who criticises US activity in places like Iraq and Afghanistan is being un-American.

The photographer spent 2 months with American forces involved in heavy fighting with the Mahdi army in Sadr City and Shulla. It is essential watching.

Staying in the US and the early stages of the Presidential race already appear to have descended into a mindless “he said, yeah, but he said, no but she said” war of words.

The farcical row about Barack Obama’s use of the term “putting lipstick on a pig” is not a good omen. Quite why the Republicans would seize on the use of such a term, when their own candidate has used it himself in the past, is baffling.

Equally ridiculous is the fuss building about comments made by Obama’s running mate, John Biden, where he reportedly claimed Hillary Clinton would have been a better choice than him.

Political gold dust for the Republicans? Absolutely not. Taken at face value the comments seem curious, but in context it is simply a spot of self-deprecation on Biden’s part.

At worst it is a blatant attempt to elicit calls of “No, you’re the man for us!” and the obligatory standing ovation from the crowd he is addressing.

I hope the standards improve and we get an election that rises above playground name-calling and petty political point-scoring.

At least they haven’t started dancing about in their underpants…yet.

The US election is likely to be a close race.

Unlike the 100m men’s final at the Beijing Olympics, literally won at a stroll by Usain Bolt.

But scientists have discovered that if the Jamaican had carried on running to the line and not started celebrating about 30 metres out he would have sliced a further 0.14 seconds off the world record and clocked a staggering 9.55.

I’m not sure Bolt cares too much.


3 responses »

  1. Nick Scott Donald says:

    Obviously there’s not enough evidence to put together a proper theory (as yet)… but I’ve a sneaking feeling that dancing to techno music in “very brief” underpants might just be the key to Ministerial success. (Stranger ironies have occurred.) Perhaps Gordon Brown should try it.

    It couldn’t hurt – could it?

  2. Paul Groves says:

    Nick: John Major tucked his underpants into his shirt and the revelation cost him the Prime Minister’s job – or is that an urban myth?

  3. Nick Scott Donald says:

    Ah yes… a revelation made by Alistair Campbell, if memory serves. (Though how he came to be in possession of this information is a mystery.)

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