So after four days of sun, male bonding, San Miguel and seafood, I’ve had a couple of days of catching up.

Quite a lot happened regarding all things financial whilst I was away, or so it seemed, but here’s a few other bits that have caught my eye:

The US presidential race is still lurching from the playground to the bear pit in terms of some of the rhetoric, accusations and general nonsense flying around.

Once more in the firing line is Sarah Palin, the Republican VP nominee. The font of all knowledge that is the internet is buzzing about her association with Pastor Thomas Muthee, who she has praised for some truly “awesome prayers” that helped her become the Alaska Governor.

It transpires that Pastor Muthee once led a proper, genuine, no holds barred witch hunt.

This was no namby-pamby political-style witch-hunt, but a full-on chased out of town by an angry mob event.

It all makes the UK party conference season a little tame in comparison, unless we’re about to get some unsettling revelations about Gordon Brown or David Cameron over the next couple of weeks.

Maybe we’ll get some in Manchester this week now that some are suggesting a return of old-school Labour politics?

We need a few moulded in the form of Scargill, Hatton and Skinner to liven things up a bit.

Away from the political in-fighting, finger pointing and mud-slinging, it appears some of our jails have become beacons of environmentalism.

Thousands of prisoners across the country are turning their jails into some of the most species-rich sites in the country. This newly found interest in conservation is aiding their rehabilitation and the UK’s 140 prisons currently include 9 internationally recognised sites of special scientific interest (SSSIs), 2 European special areas for conservation and an internationally important wetland.

And finally, for now, over on the Online Marketer Blog, there’s some interesting thoughts and comments on the apparent early death throes of email.

Reasons for the first draft of the email obit include messages simply not getting through, an increasing failure to interact with messages, the rise of social media and growing popularity of micro-blogging services.

What would we all do without email?

Live our lives like we always have done, obviously.


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